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if you try to tell me that my consent is a blurred line, i will tell the police that my knee broke your penis because i’m an animal baby it’s in my nature.

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Chescaleigh on Slut Shaming becoming Victim Blaming. Props for her sharing her experience.

i feel that although as Americans it seems that we are supperior to other countries when it comes to freedom and rights, we still oppress women maybe not in obvious ways but to tell a woman that being raped is her fault is oppressing her. It will make future women not want to speak up, it will make it easier for rapist to get away with it.

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haha i thought this was funny.
Translation: “Evolution of the vagina”

haha i thought this was funny.

Translation: “Evolution of the vagina”

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lmaooooooo!! #teamgenderstudies


lmaooooooo!! #teamgenderstudies

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Israeli Soldiers stop Palestinian school-girls from going to school, Al Khalil-Hebron. You don’t want us to go to school, fine we’ll have school here. 

WOW this is sad to know that people aren’t allowed to go to school and better themselves based on their gender. These women are strong they didn’t allow it to stop them, they are awesome.

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APA officially removes gender identity disorder from DSM →



In a move that’s been anticipated since this summer, the American Psychiatric Association has officially approved a revision to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V) declassifying “gender identity disorder” as a mental illness.

The implications of this change: transgender and gender-nonconforming individuals’ identities are no longer considered mental illnesses. It’s astounding that it’s taken until now for this to happen. Homosexuality was declassified as a mental illness in 1973, and that was already pretty late in the game. 

Instead, people who may have been previously diagnosed with “gender identity disorder,” a label often used to discriminate against trans people, will be diagnosed with gender dysphoria to describe “the emotional distress that can result from ‘a marked incongruence between one’s experienced/expressed gender and assigned gender.’”

This will allow for affirmative treatment and transition care without the stigma of disorder. Earlier this year, the APA also released new health guidelines for transgender patients, as well as a position statement affirming transgender care and civil rights. Both documents align with a new standard for respecting trans people in the medical community.

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"Liberate yourself from the illusion of culture. Take responsibility for what you think and what you do."
Terence McKenna
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Hate crime →

Lesbian brutally beaten by girlfriend’s brother at Thanksgiving dinner cause he disapproved of relationship.

how fucking disturbing. Hate crimes because of sexual orientation shouldnt exist but it still does. I feel like this guy should be charged for attempted murder. This is disgusting im outraged. I hope someone beats his fuckin face in
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